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Rudolf Steiner Library

The Lending Library of the Anthroposophical Society in America

Founded in 1928, the Rudolf Steiner Library is the lending and mail-order library of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Anthroposophical Society members automatically receive library membership at no additional charge. Non-members can join the library for a $50.00 annual membership fee, plus a one-time, refundable $50.00 deposit.The library has over 25,000 volumes. The collection offers extensive material regarding Steiner’s work, as well as books covering the full spectrum of Western spirituality. In addition, holdings include all available Rudolf Steiner titles in both English and German, as well as hundreds of his unpublished manuscripts of essays and lectures. The library makes a special effort to acquire books on curriculum, childhood, and other topics of particular interest to Waldorf teachers and parents.

Nature Institute

Nature around us is whole and interconnected. Though we are part of nature, we do not yet fathom her depths, and our actions to do not embody her wisdom. A fundamental shift in our way of viewing the world is necessary if we would contribute to nature’s unity rather than dissolution. At The Nature Institute, we develop new qualitative and holistic approaches to seeing and understanding nature and technology. We work to create a new paradigm that embraces nature’s wisdom in shaping a sustainable and healthy future through research, publications, and educational programs.


Anthromedia provides news, basic information and specialist articles on anthroposophy and its cultural and social initiatives.