Transforming Evil in Everyday Life

Transforming Evil

Saturday, September 24, 10 am – 4pm
Cedarwood School, 3030 SW Second Ave.
Contact Valerie Hope, [email protected]

Where is true meaning in everyday life?

How can I experience the spirit while carrying out my daily responsibilities?
How do I survive the nine to five job?

This course will explore these questions and the challenges normal life poses to inner development. Practices for transforming the evil in everyday life into pathways to experience the sacred will be shared. A hands-on approach will be taken, and participants will use their own experience as a basis for learning.

Presenter Julian Roberts is a ’97 graduate of the Sacramento Waldorf School. He holds a BA in philosophy from UC Berkeley and an MPH/MBA from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He has worked as a consultant in the non-profit sector and currently has a full time job in the public sector. In his early 20’s he was mentored by Friedmann Schwarzkopf and Orland Bishop and currently studies Rudolf Steiner. He has participated in the Lakota Vision Quest ceremony and has an active meditative life. He has a deep interest in how the inner life can redeem and change everyday experience.

• Contact Valerie Hope at [email protected], 503-775-0778
• Free to paid members of the Portland Branch
• $7 teachers • $15 non-members • $12 lunch
See registration form here (PDF).

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