September 2019 Newsletter

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  • The Eye of the Dragon:
    Diversity and inclusion in the light of Michaelmas
  • What’s Freedom Got to Do with It? Exploring Gender, Sexuality and Identity
    — The Developing the Self Team, with LISA ROMERO. Edited by Sarah Hearn
  • Walk a Mile in My Shoes, Sept. 20 to 22
    registration and information
  • Poem by Michael Givens
  • Calendar of the Soul The translation we are using this year is by Liselotte and William MannA Call to Artists from the Art Hall: With updated dates. For more information contact Robin Lieberman
  • Sharing A Memory,
    by Ruth P. Klein
  • Calendar of the Soul
    The translation we are using this year is by Liselotte and William Mann
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • Portland Branch Calendar and ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page
    Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work! Please support them in return.
The DVD set of Jaap van der Wal’s Portland workshop,
The Embryo in Us, is now available!  See flier or website for details.



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