September 2017 Newsletter

Michael at the Side of Mankind contrasted by : Word acrobatics (lower left) and dissipation (lower right). ~ David Newbatt, from Twelve Aspects of Michael, available from Wynstones Press “…Both of these images are pictured as a temptation and as a threat to the integrity of the person on the path.”

In this issue:

  • Regeneration of the Michael Festival: A brief preview in preparation for our Michaelmas observance on September 30.
  • Hosting the Sun Party: Anya Thacker’s description of our eclipse experience at her family farm, complete with photos.
  • Eclipse Epilogue from Mary Stewart Adams
  • Cedarwood Waldorf School is hiring event coordinators
  • Inspiration from the Filderklinik, a vivid description by Dr. Robert Kellum, with pictures, of his visit to an Anthroposophical hospital in Germany, with hopes for such a hospital in this country.
  • Calendar of the Soul
  • Save the Dates: see sidebar at right.
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • A Filderstadt Sunset, a poem by Dr. Kellum
  • Michael Verse from Rudolf Steiner’s ‘last address’.
  • Work Study Opportunities for Thomas Meyer Lectures
  • Thomas Meyer has turned in his Anthroposophical Society and First Class Membership Cards
  • Portland Branch Calendar and listing of ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page:  Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.
  • Fliers:
    • Anthroposophy Today, National and International Perspectives conversation with Joan Sleigh and John Bloom 9-11
    • Behind the Veil, Art Hall Event with Jacqueline Freeman 9-14
    • Branch Michaelmas Observance 9-30
    • Thomas Meyer Branch Sponsored Lectures, 10- 27 & 28
    • Thomas Meyer Lecture 10-29

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