September 2015 Newsletter

September 2015 Newsletter (PDF)

Michael at the Side of Mankind 2

Michael at the Side of Mankind contrasted by : Word acrobatics (lower left) and dissipation (lower right). David Newbatt, Twelve Aspects of Michael, Wynstones Press

In this issue:

  • Materials to help you live into the Michaelic experience of this time of year (for courage and strength); and to honor Rudolf Steiner’s hopes for Michaelmas (that we realize his vision for a new kind of autumn festival in which Michael can truly participate.) In keeping with our efforts to deepen our community’s relationship to and understanding of the cycle of the year and the festivals, we are offering the following:Short excerpts from the wonderful book, Twelve Aspects of Michael Contrasted by their Counter-Images, available from Wynstones Press.

    Excerpts from Stewart C. Easton’s introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s lecture series: Reflections on the Michael Thought in its True Aspect – the Regeneration of the Michael Festival

    Man as Earth Citizen and Cosmic Citizen, Michael and the Dragon, Rudolf Steiner lecture September 1923 (We will read this together at our Michaelmas observance.)

  • Save the Dates:
    Sept. 10, Exploring the Four Pairs of Karmic Streams, with Brian Gray
    September 11-13, Stargazing and Parzival’s quest for the Holy Grail, with Brian Gray
    September 27, Portland Branch Michaelmas observation.
    More in the calendar.
  • The Stars, Parzival, and You??? by Matt Burns
  • Calendar & Ongoing Local Activities & Study Groups
  • Calendar of the Soul Verses, August 30- October 3, paraphrase by Owen Barfield
  • Garden Fever, a humorous poem by Bob Kellum
  • Sponsors Page: Many thanks to those businesses in our community who help to underwrite our newsletter.  Ad spaces are currently available.
  • Fliers:
    • The Stars Once Spoke…Stargazing and Parzival’s Quest for the Holy Grail:  A weekend with Brian Gray under the pristine skies of the Columbia River Gorge at Ekone Horse Ranch.  Portland Talk: Exploring the Four Pairs of Karmic Streams:  Arthurian & Grail, Platonist & Aristotelian, Old Soul & Young Soul, Kings & Shepherds
    • Michaelmas Observance: We will read a Michael lecture (in newsletter) together; with Sandra Burch we will engage in artistic activity for everyone (even those uncomfortable with artistic activity); and be led in eurythmy by James Knight.
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