Sanford Miller comes to Portland

easter - Gerard Wagner

Easter - Gerard Wagner

Reverend Sanford Miller is coming to Portland! (PDF Flyer here.)
Come join him for the following events:

“The Second Coming of Christ – When? Where? Why?”

Thursday May 12

Everything you thought you knew about it is probably wrong.  The history of the Middle East pivots on this event  Come and learn more.

The Christology of Rudolf Steiner – The Extraordinary Gift of Rudolf Steiner to our Understanding of the Christ Being

Friday May 13

Sanford will speak about Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to the whole field of Christology (the study of Christ) and why it is significant to western thought structures.

New Testament Study: John Chapter 15

Saturday May 15

Study and conversation based on John Chapter 15 – “I am theTrue Vine and my Father is the Gardener”. Come and explore the Bible in a new way with the insights of Anthroposophy.

Talks will begin at 7:00pm on both nights;
Saturday study meets at 11am and all will take place in Bothmer Hall, 5919 SE Division St., Portland, OR 97207
Suggested Donation: $5 to $10

Christian Community Services

Sunday May 16:

9:15am Religious Instruction, Grades 1-8
10:00am Children’s Service, Grades 1-8
10:30am The Act of Consecration of Man


The Christian Community was founded in 1922 with the helpof Rudolf Steiner, Austrian educator and esotericist. The Christian Community recognizes Christ’s deed of life and death as the pivotal renewal in humanity’s history.  The church is centered around the seven sacraments in their renewed form.  There is no formal written dogma.  Members are encouraged to form independent judgements in religious matters.  Each priest has the freedom to teach anything which does not contradict the content of the sacraments.  As a result, the teachings are rich, varied and evolving and can incorporate such ideas as reincarnation and karma, a truly cosmic conception of Christ, and the role of spiritual beings at all levels of existence.

Sanford Miller has been connected to the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy for over 35years. Following his university degree (Religious Studies) he lived and worked in a Camphill Community, in Aberdeen, Scotland.  He then studied in Stuttgart, Germany for the priesthood in the Christian Community.  The Christian Community is a movement for religious renewal out of esoteric Christianity.  He was ordained in 1982. He has worked in Germany, Boston and, currently, in Sacramento.

Contact Information:
Contact Sandra Burch with anyquestions or to sign up for childcare: [email protected] or (503) 353-1818

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