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All Souls: The Dead Are With Us, by Christopher Guilfoil


  • The Dead Are With Us
    Rudolf Steiner gave considerable attention to the importance of our continuing relationships with those we have known in life who have crossed the threshold.  Each year on November 2 we come together as a community to explore this topic and remember the souls that each of us has known in life.
  • Inner Revolution,
    An interview with Lisa Romero, who will be with us in November for a talk, Inner Development as Antidote to the Imbalances of Our Time; and a workshop, The Inner Work Path, Strengthening the Foundations of  Meditation. 
  • Who is Thorwald Thiersch?
    Anya Thacker’s column, which features individuals who are active at the Goetheanum, focuses this month on Thorwald, who was involved with the restoration of the Goethenum, and is involved with the Visual Arts Section of the School of Spiritual Science.
  • Poems: 
    • The Inner History of a Day by John OO’Donahue
    • Wound by Dr. Robert Kellum
  • Save the Dates, 2018 (Check the newsletter/calendar for more information and events.) 
    • November 2 All Souls Observance
    • November 14-18 Biodynamic Conference
    • November 20  Lisa Romero:
      Inner Development as Antidote to the Imbalances of Our Time
    • November 23-25 Lisa Romero:
      The Inner Work Path, Strengthening the Foundations of  Meditation. 
  • Calendar of the Soul,
    translation by Stefan Schwabe
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • Portland Branch Calendar and Ongoing Activities and Study Groups
  • Sponsors Page
    Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.


  • Calendar of the Soul in Relation to the Michaelmas Festival
    with Herbert Hagens, September 28-29
  • Planetary Seals Form Drawing
    October 19-20
  • Lecture and Workshop with Lisa Romero,
    November 23-25
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