October 2017 Newsletter

The Dead Are With Us

“The Dead Are With Us” Watercolor and Wacum Intuos Christopher Guilfoil

In this issue:

  • Building a Bridge to the One Who is Dead,  by cultivating Gratitude, a feeling of Unity with all things, Confidence in life, and Rejuvenation of our souls.  Rudolf Steiner tells us that these activities help to create the ‘air’ in which we can connect with those who have crossed the threshold.  Great reading in preparation for our November 2 All Souls observance, 7-9 pm.
  • Save the Dates: see sidebar at right.
  • Calendar of the Soul, translation by Stefan Schwabe
  • Pacific Eurythmy Opens in Portland: The only part-time Eurythmy training on the West Coast opened in September right here in Portland!
  • What’s New at the Goetheanum:  Anya Thacker describes study opportunities at the Goetheanum
  • An Introduction to Some Poems, a poem by William Stafford
  • Micaceous Clay Pottery Event with Waldorf Alum Orion Shannon O’Brien Langdon: November 25,   1-4 pm.
  • Local Camphill Inspired Initiative Seeks Web Designer:  This is for the Portland Curative Collective, Inc.
  • Help Needed for Thomas Meyer Events in October
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • Portland Branch Calendar and listing of ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page:  Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.
  • Fliers:
    • Thomas Meyer Branch Sponsored Lectures, 10- 27 & 28
    • Thomas Meyer Lecture 10-29
    • Branch All Souls Observance 11-2
    • Jacqueline Freeman Art Hall Exhibit through 11-9
    • Treating Soul Imbalances Without Drugs 11-16
    • Painting with Cheri Munske Saturday Afternoons
    • Pacific Eurythmy Foundation Course
    • Pacific Eurythmy Music Theory Course
    • Pacific Eurythmy Anthroposophical Study
    • Meeting the Challenges of Child Development in Education and the Healing Arts with Dr. Michaela Glockler 2/23-25

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