October 2015 Newsletter

October 2015 Newsletter (PDF)

The Bridge by David Newbatt, available at Wynstones Press

The Bridge by David Newbatt, available at Wynstones Press

In this issue:

  • Further Facts About Life Between Death and Rebirth, a lecture by Rudolf Steiner in preparation for our November 2 All Souls Observance.
  • Save the Dates: October 28, What Shall We Do About Ahriman? November 2, All Souls Observance  
  • The Tide Is Turning – Eurythmy Spring Valley is coming to Portland, October 25! A rare opportunity not to be missed.  See Calendar.
  • About Meg Gorman – and Her Question:  What Shall We Do About Ahriman? 
  • Calendar of the Soul Verses, September 27 – October 31.  Paraphrase by Owen Barfield.
  • The Art Hall Came Alive in August, by Robin Lieberman – an account of the artistic activity at the conference with Virginia Sease.  
  • Calendar & Ongoing Local Activities & Study Groups
  • Sponsors Page: Many thanks to those businesses in our community who help to underwrite our newsletter.  Ad spaces are currently available.
  • Fliers:
    • What Shall We Do About Ahriman? with Meg Gorman
    • All Souls Observance, Monday, November 2
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