October 2013 Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter (PDF)

Portland Branch Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Links Between the Living and the Dead, by Rudolf Steiner
  • The Glyph of Libra, by Donna Kellum
  • The Bridge, painting by David Newbatt, Wynstones Press
  • The Meeting of the Great Polarities: Then and Now, October event announcement with Lynn Jericho
  • I Will Come Back to You, a poem by Bob Kellum
  • The Bremen Town Musicians Go West – a late-breaking Eurythmy event announcement
  • Portland Branch CalendarCheck the calendar for several Michaelmas activities, including some artistic opportunities, and new opportunities for study, and for Eurythmy.
  • Flier: Beginning Anthroposophy Class with Tom Klein
The Bridge, by David Newbatt

The Bridge, by David Newbatt

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