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Read NewsletterDuty. Love. Gratitude. "What is duty? It is when one loves what one commands oneself" — Goethe.


  • Our Duty Toward the Dead: The importance of remembrance and gratitude for connecting with them Rudolf Steiner gave considerable attention to the importance of our continuing relationships with those we have known in life who have crossed the threshold. Each year on November 2 we come together as a community to explore this topic and remember the souls that each of us has known in life.
  • Herbert Hagens’ Calendar of the Soul at Michaelmas, a report by Lauren Johnson. “We must find a way to bring alive our own consciousness as the natural world around us falls into darkness…” Lauren even brings us some of the poetry that Herbert shared, and a lemniscate map of the verses.
  • The Calendar of the Soul Can Help to Remedy ‘Nature Deficit’ Adults experience this as well as children – and the Soul Calendar offers a grand way to combat this problem.
  • Poems:
    • Impressions of Anthroposophy in New Orleans, by Timothy Kennedy
    • The Dead Come to Us As the Wind, by Dr. Robert Kellum
  • Here and Now: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming Our World
    A report from the national agm by Rebecca Soloway
  • Calendar of the Soul
    translation by Stefan Schwabe
  • Meeting the Needs of All Children
    by Katherine Lehman
  • Artwork for All Souls
    February Night by Amanda Eastman
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  • Portland Branch Calendar and Ongoing Activities and Study Groups
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  • Calendar of the Soul in Relation to the Michaelmas Festival
  • All Souls, November 2
  • Christian Community, November 15-18
  • The Inner Work Path with Lisa Romero,
    Lecture November 20 and Workshop November 23-25
  • Hand to Mountain Pottery Show and Sale November 23
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