March 2018 Newsletter

The Three Archangels and Tobias

The Three Archangels and Tobias

In this issue:

  • Easter a Season of Healing: A Mystery Picture, Tobias and the Angel.  by Rebecca Soloway
  • Save the Dates, 2018:  see “Current and Upcoming” sidebar at right.
  • News from the Goetheanum: Anya Thacker column: Who is Dr. Michaela Gloekler
  • Getting to Know Our Community:  A community is not an abstract thing, it is made up of individuals.  This month meet Ruth Klein
  • The Deeper Mission for the School of Spiritual Science and the General Anthroposophical Section and Why You Should Care By Rudiger Janisch
  • This War is Not Inevitable:  A Portland performance concerning the birth of the idea of the Threefold Social Organism in 1917-1919
  • Calendar of the Soul translation by Stefan Schwabe
  • Mystery Drama Study Group is looking for actors
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • Portland Branch Calendar and listing of ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page:  Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.

  • Annual Gathering and Potluck March 5
  • Art Hall Event March 8 through April: Meditations on the Platonic Solids, geometric sculptures by Martin Levin; and String Art by Tom Klein
  • This War is Not Inevitable Performance March 23
  • Portland Branch Easter Observance on Palm Sunday March 25
  • Community Building within the Spiritual Goetheanum, with Rudiger Janisch April 13 & 14
  • The Inner Work Path, Nov. 23-25

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