March 2017 Newsletter

Photo by Chris Guilfoil

In this issue:

  • Community Wish List Developed at Annual Meeting
    Following a satisfying potluck, a spacial dynamics session, and claywork the community discussed what kinds of Branch activities would support their striving.
  • Regional Sketch Group Exhibition and Talk

    This unusual exhibit, displaying regional artists’ sketches and research, was the first of its kind for the Art Hall.

  • Save the Dates:  These are branch sponsored events only.  For more see the Calendar.
    • 2/5              Portland Branch Annual Meeting/Potluck
    • 4/15            Easter Observance
    • 4/15            Cosmic Nutrition with Dr. Philip Incao
    • 8/19-21      Solar Eclipse w/Oliver Conradt
    • 8/29-9/2     Mind and Body in the Womb with Dr. Jaap van der Wal
    • 9/30           Michaelmas Observance
    • 10/26-30    Thomas Meyer
    • 11/20          All Souls Observance
  • Calendar of the Soul:  A transposition by Stefan Schwabe, recast in cadence and tenor into our current English, to bring to our appreciation their strength and spirituality in terms of today’s thinking, feeling and willing
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members
  • Horns Pointing to the Sky, a poem by Jacqueline Freeman
  • Total Eclipse of the Sun, articles by Dr. Oliver Conradt and Mary Stewart Adams, presenters at our August eclipse conference.
  • Eclipse Housing Urgently needed:   As hotels are already booked by people coming from all over the world, we are hoping that community members will open their houses at a reasonable rate to out of towners attending the August 19-21 workshop and make a little extra money in the process.  Contact Christine Badura, [email protected]
  • Housing Needed for Summer Eurythmy Conference:  Portland Eurythmy is putting out a call for free or nearly free housing and/or transportation for participants in the course August 4-13.  Contact Meta Bruner, 503-200- 0888 or [email protected]
  • Portland Eurythmy Intensive Open House:  Come hear about the new part-time eurythmy training starting in Portland.
  • A Talk by Dr. David Gershan: Transgender Health from a Spiritual Science Perspective.  Review by Dr. Lisa Del Alba.
  • Portland Branch Calendar and listing of ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page:  Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.
  • Fliers:
    • Dr. Philip Incao, Cosmic Nutrition; and The Courage to Heal, the Will to Heal
      April 14-15
    • Dr. Philip Incao, Cosmic Nutrition
      April 15
    • Total Solar Eclipse Experience with Oliver Conradt
      August 19-21 (registration)
    • Michaelangelo’s Art
      March 17 & 31
    • Jaap Van der Wal, The Embryo in Us
      August 30-September 2
    • Biodynamic Workshop
      March 10-12

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