March 2014 Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Portland Branch Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Calendar of the Soul Verses for March
  • Great Food, Great Conversation, Great Community: Free rendering of the conversation at our potluck/annual general meeting/conversation on the topic, What is our responsibility for the future of Anthroposophy?
  • Save the Dates:
    • March 7, 8 Dennis Klocek:  Making All Things New – Training the Inner Eye
    • May 2-8 Medical workshop featuring Dr. Philip Incao: Bridging the Chasm
  • Motto of the Social Ethic
  • Sophia Michael Remedies:   Have you been wishing for a website that would offer information about approaches to wellness from an Anthroposophical medicine point of view?  Check out this article and their informative educational website.
  • Laura Summer’s Visit to Portland.  This article links to the Art Hall website and pictures of the events.
  • Theme for the Year
  • Homeland Security, poem by Robert Kellum
  • Portland Branch Calendar
  • Rudolf Steiner’s Four Mystery Dramas – A Festival and Performance in August : It has never before been done in English, in this way – all four dramas in nine days with the same cast!  Given the enlightening experience we had in Portland with Barbara Renold, who helped to unpack the plays for us, she will be spearheading a masterful experience for all who are able to attend.
  • Sponsors Page: Check out the new ad for Warre’ Bee Friendly Hives, “…meant for hands-off, minimalist and sustainable beekeeping practices and suited to provide a comfortable home for honeybees in the Pacific Northwest.”


  • Dennis Klocek Workshop, Making All Things New: Training the Inner Eye, March 7 & 8. Flier and registration form.
  • Spring is Coming – Let’s Paint! with Robin Lieberman, March 22
  • Medical Workshop: Bridging the Chasm, Practical ways to connect science and spirit in healing, featuring Dr. Philip Incao.  May 2-4
Spring Crocus

Spring Crocus, Caroline Mason, Wynstones Press

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