Making All Things New: Training the Inner Eye, with Dennis Klocek

Making All Things New

Sponsored by the Portland Anthroposophical Society & the Anthropsophically Extended Medicine Club

Making All Things New: Training the Inner Eye

Lecture and Workshop with Dennis Klocek

March 7 & 8, 2014

The phrase ”making all things new”, from the book of Revelation, points to the esoteric task of the redemption of the senses, otherwise known as reading the esoteric script. In this task, nature is considered to be a book written by high spiritual beings for the purpose of instructing humans on the healing and maintenance of the body. Medicines and healing substances come out of this kind of insight.

But there is also a book of the human being. This book is not finished but is being written continually by the thoughts, feelings and will impulses of humans as they interact with other human beings. In today’s world the book of nature and the book of the human have drifted apart. In esoteric practice they fructify each other when a human being trains his or her inner eye to see the profound harmonies present in the natural world as analogs of inner states of consciousness.

To facilitate this training, alchemical symbols constructed from plants and minerals on earth are a meditational tool that allows the inner eye to perceive the harmonies between the book of nature and the book of the human being. This workshop will explore these themes through lectures and perception exercises.

Send registration form with a check made out to “The Portland Branch” to Valerie Hope, 2606 SE 58th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97206, or contact her at [email protected] with questions or requests for work study.

See the PDF flyer for more details, a schedule, and registration.

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