June 2020 Newsletter

Working on “The Representative of Man” sculpture

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  • On a Michaelic Attitude by Bert Chase
  • A Multi-talented Micronutrient; Silicon and Atherosclerotic Disease by Dr. Lisa Del Alba
  • Urban Biodynamic Gardening with Sandra Burch
  • A Real Jack of All Trades by Leonard Ablieter
  • Recipe for Nettle Soup
  • Poems by Michael Givens and Denise Levertov
  • Calendar of the Soul
  • Calendar and Ongoing Local Activities and Study Groups: Please note updates.
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors

Our beloved member Beth Wieting most graciously left the Branch a vast collection of Anthroposophical Books and Publications. It is a large legacy-18 boxes with approximately 1300 books. And the Branch needs help, as we have nowhere to store them at this time! If anyone knows of a safe space that we might use for storing this legacy, kindly advise us ASAP at one of these 3 phone numbers:

Tom Klein at 503-305-8270, Jerry Soloway at 503-908-7615,
or Sara Genta at 503-358-4108.

The DVD set of Jaap van der Wal’s Portland workshop,
The Embryo in Us, is now available!  See flier or website for details.



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