June 2018 Newsletter

Baptism - Ninetta Sombart

Baptism – Ninetta Sombart

In this issue:

  • A Conversation with Rebecca Soloway  by Lauren Johnson.  A continuation of our series intended to help cultivate our interest in one another.
  • Michaelmas and Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul  by Herbert Hagens.  Herbert quotes Rudolf Steiner:  “Whoever meditates on these verses will achieve a great deal.’  This insightful article is in anticipation of Herbert’s September visit for our Michaelmas observance.
  • Shepherds and Friends!  Calling one and all!  If you are interested in helping to bring the Oberufer Shepherds’ Play to Portland in December (as a planner or a participant!), come meet on Sunday, June 24 at the Burch house.  To attend or for more information contact Sandra at [email protected]
  • Save the Dates, 2018:  see “Current and Upcoming” sidebar at right.
  • News from the Goetheanum: Anya Thacker column: Introducing Sebastian Júngel, editor of Das Goetheanum and Anthroposophy Worldwide, with contact information if you’d like to submit an article.
  • Pacific Eurythmy Update by Jolanda Frischknecht
  • Calendar of the Soul translation by Stefan Schwabe
  • Enthusiasm for the June Tone Eurythmy Therapy Course!  Reviews. To offer housing contact Christine Badura, [email protected] with details and your daily rate.
  • Lukas Coworkers Wanted Join the community in Temple, New Hampshire
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • Portland Branch Calendar and listing of ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page:  Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.


  • Tone Eurythmy Therapy Course June 22-July 1
  • Piano and Eurythmy Concert June 28
  • Calendar of the Soul in Relation to the Michaelmas Festival with Herbert Hagens September 21-22
  • The Inner Work Path with Lisa Romero, November 23-25

Embryo GraphicThe DVD set of Jaap van der Wal’s Portland workshop, The Embryo in Us, is now available!

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