June 2014 Newsletter

June 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Portland Branch Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Calendar of the Soul Verses June 1-29 – Note, there are only 50 weeks from Easter 2014 to Easter 2015, but we have 52 verses.  We are following Herbert Hagens recommendation to double up certain verses between Whitsun and St. John’s in order to keep in sync with the major Christian festivals.
  • Save the Date – June 16 Branch Tea and Conversation (last gathering before summer)
  • Join Us for Tea and More Conversation – Why do we celebrate the Festivals, and how can we do so in a meaningful way?  This is a follow-up to our lively February potluck/conversation.
  • The Festivals and Their Meaning – What do the Festivals mean to us today? Excerpts from the introduction to this book of lectures.  More is available online at www.rsarchive.org
  • The Foundation Stone, Fourth Verse – This is referred to in the above introduction as inspiration , asking for warmth in the heart and illumination for  the mind.
  • Playing the Lyre with Joy:  A Lyre Association of America Summer Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon.  See article.  They are looking for paid guest accommodations in community members’ homes July 29-August 3
  • Accommodations (paid)  Needed for Michael Institute Summer Teacher Trainees 
  • Michael Painting by David Newbatt
  • Space Travel, a poem by Dr. Robert Kellum
  • Elf with Arnica, Elke Buhler, Wynstones Press
  • CalendarCheck it out, don’t miss out!
  • Sponsors’ Page: (Warre Beehives still available)
  • Fliers:
    • Tea and Conversation
    • Portland Intro to Spacial Dynamics with Jaimen McMillan June 1
    • Spacial Dynamics Institute; New Level One Training Program Fall 2014
Spring, David Newbatt, Wynstones Press

Spring, David Newbatt, Wynstones Press

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