July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter (PDF)

In this issue:

  • The Question of Consciousness Today!  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to engage with Virginia Sease as she brings such important topics as, “The Enigma of Reincarnation Today and the Activity of the Hierarchies.”  Read more in her descriptions of her topics.   (See June issue for information about the School for Spiritual Science, and the First Class)  Register/pay here.
  • A Public Art Conference in Portland,    July 31-August 2.  What an opportunity! Sponsored by the North American Visual Arts Section of the School for Spiritual Science.  “If human consciousness is evolving, even within the span of a hundred years, then we need to carefully observe the soul-spiritual forces and trends at work in human and world evolution up to the present.”  Read the whole article and see the registration form in this newsletter.  For more information go to the Art Section website, http://northamericanartsection.blogspot.com
  • Working with Color, August 3-6 workshop with Laura Summer
  • Invitations to members of the Anthroposophical Society and members of the School for Spiritual Science to a Conference with Virginia Sease:  The Question of Consciousness Today
  • Local Lodging Requested for August Conference
  • Calendar of the Soul Verses, June 28- August 1
    Book of Multiple translations available from Mercury Press, www.mercurypress.org
  • Sponsors Page: Many thanks to those businesses in our community who help to underwrite our newsletter.  Ad spaces are currently available.
  • Fliers:
    • Public Art Conference:  Anthroposophy  and the Challenge of a Contemporary Visual-Arts Practice, registration form.
    • The Question of Consciousness Today, with Virginia Sease,  registration form
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