July 2013 Newsletter

July 2013 Newsletter (PDF)

Portland Branch Newsletter

In this issue:

  • About Thomas Meyer, our September presenter, who will offer lectures on three important topics:  The Michael School; The Twelve World Views, and The Temple Legend
  • The Glyph of Cancer the Crab, by Donna Kellum   This is the sixth in a series of twelve zodiac articles, with illustrations showing relationships to the growing tip of  plants, vortices, flames, the ear and the heart
  • Christmas in July, by Sandra Burch with verse from the Foundation Stone Meditation:   A call for community members who would like to participate in staging the Shepherd’s Play this Christmas season
  • Poem, The Lemonade Stand, by Dr. Robert Kellum
  • Portland Branch Calendar
  • Sailboat Watercolor by Cheri Munske
Cheri Munske - Sailboat

Cheri Munske – Sailboat

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