January 2016 Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter (PDF)

The Baptism of Christ-Guido Reni

The Baptism of Christ, Guido Reni, c. 1623

In this issue:

  • The Birth of the Sun-Spirit as the Spirit of the Earth:  The Thirteen Holy Nights, excerpts. This lecture can offer a glimpse into what we can hope to experience at this particular time of year, through the 13 Holy Nights, if we attend to them.  The entire lecture is in Festivals and Their Meaning, also found on the Rudolf Steiner Archive.  In this lecture Dr. Steiner describes why the observance of the birth of the Christ shifted from January 6, the Baptism of Christ, to December 24-25, the Birth of Jesus of Nazareth, as “…an affirmation that at the beginning of earth evolution, before the Luciferic forces began their work, man had a nature, an entelechy that can inspire him with undying hope.” “May these lights on the Christmas Tree say to us: If ever thy soul is weak, if ever thou believest that the goals of earth-existence are beyond thy reach, think of man’s divine origin and become aware of those forces within thee which are also the forces of supreme Love. Become inwardly conscious of the forces which give thee confidence and certainty in all thy works, through all thy life, now and in all ages of time to come.”
  • Save the Dates:
    • December 26-Jan. 6, Holy Nights Observances contact Tom Klein, [email protected] 503-777-3176 for the current schedule or to volunteer to host and evening
    • January 31 Becoming a Cause of Light in the Dark, Annual Branch Potluck and Conversation
    • March 12, Beyond the Blood
    • March 20, Easter Observance
    • April 16, Rudolf Steiner’s Healing Impulse.
    • For many more inspiring events in January and beyond see the calendar in the January newsletter.
  • The Etheric Christ in Our Lives Now:  Mini Workshop with Clay Modeling
  • MJ Davison:  Color and Light at Midlife
  • Pain, the Path from Prison to Portal
  • Indications Given by Rudolf Steiner to Herbert Hahn for the Twelve Holy Nights
  • Foundation Stone Meditation, Fourth Verse
  • Calendar of the Soul Verses, December 27- February 6  Owen Barfield
  • Calendar & Ongoing Local Activities & Study Groups
    Check out the great line-up in January and through April, and the innovative events at the Naturopathic College.
  • Sponsors Page: Many thanks to those businesses in our community who help to underwrite our newsletter.  Ad spaces are currently available.
  • Fliers:
    • Becoming a Cause of LIght in the Dark: 
      Portland Branch Annual Potluck and Conversation
    • Pain, the Path from Prison to Portal
    • MJ Davison, Color and Light at Midlife, Art Hall exhibit and artist presentation
    • A Conversation on Physician-Assisted Suicide
    • A Basic Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine
    • Rudolf Steiner’s Healing Impulse, with Dr. Philip Incao
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