Holy Nights 2010

St. John


This year we will be reading the St. John’s Gospel lecture series, which we last read in 2002. All readings begin at 7:30 (except January 1st). It is always a good idea to check the current Portland Branch calendar at www.portlandbranch.org before leaving to go to the reading to make sure the schedule has not changed. Contact Tom Klein at (503) 777-3176 to reserve your spot, or send him an e-mail at [email protected].

Sunday, Dec. 26th, John & Joan Takacs

Monday, Dec. 27th, Lucia & Claudio Mello

Tuesday, Dec. 28th, Tom and Angel Sparks

Wednesday, Dec. 29th, James Lee & Jannebeth Röel

Thursday, Dec. 30th, Cheri & Martin Munske

Friday, Dec. 31st, John & Joan Takacs. Stay and celebrate the New Year including the dropping of lead

Saturday, Jan. 1st, Jacqueline & Joseph Freeman. Farm tour 300 pm, dinner 6:00 pm, and reading 7:00 pm

Sunday, Jan. 2nd, Tish Johnson

Monday, Jan. 3rd, Tom & Ruth Klein

Tuesday, Jan.  4th, Chrystal Godleske

Wednesday, Jan. 5th, Betty Baldwin

Thursday, Jan. 6th, Mary Jo AbiNader

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