Frank Chester – The Art of the Heart & The Heart of Art – videos available

Frank Chester presented two successful lectures on his sacred geometric
work in Portland on Sept. 29, 2012.
Here are videos of the event, with summary information below.


10 am – 12pm:
The Art of the Heart

2pm – 4pm:
The Heart of Art

Frank’s discovery of the Chestahedron, a volume with seven faces of equal surface area, suggests new ways of looking at the underlying dynamic geometry of the human heart’s form and function, complementary to current cardiac research.In this lecture, Frank presents his original research outlining the way that the heart is not merely a pump, but an organ that integrates a dual vortexial flow of the blood. Since encountering Rudolf Steiner’s works Frank has been exploring the relation between form and spirit. In this lecture he will illuminate how he discovered the Chestahedron, and how the Chestahedron works as a unifying template connecting all the Platonic Forms.Frank will show how the protocols that led to his discovery point to an artistic science that is sensitive to the interpenetration of the physical and spiritual worlds. Indications for further research utilizing the protocols, and potential applications of Frank’s work beyond connections to the heart will be presented.
vortex-with-chestahedron chestahedron-vortex

To find out more about Frank and his diverse work, see

View or download a PDF flyer of the event, previewed below.

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