Dennis Klocek Workshop: The Soul Forces of Addiction

Dennis Klocek: Soul Forces of Addiction Workshop

March 4 & 5 at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR.  Not to be Missed!

It is a rare and special occasion when Dennis Klocek comes to Portland for any reason.  He has profoundly influenced many souls with his Goethean Studies and Consciousness studies programs, counted among them several of my own friends and family.  Through countless workshops, lectures, and his wonderful website he has reached many more.  We on the Council are therefore delighted that he has agreed to come to Portland in March to address the topic of addiction, one of the great scourges of our time.  As we can easily see all around us and in ourselves,  whether it be computer activities, drugs,  smart phones, or any number of material pursuits, the distractions from our personal destinies and the destiny of all mankind are numerous and enticing.  Here is how he describes his offering:

This weekend workshop will address the issue of the forces in the soul life of human beings that lead to addictive tendencies. The key is that in physiology all addictive impulses use the same “reward pathway” in the brain. This means that whether the addiction is toDennis Klocek drugs, alcohol, money or a memorabilia collection, the pathway in the neurology is the same. It just so happens that this pathway is also a key to understanding the autistic spectrum from true low functioning autism to high functioning and gifted persons with Asperger’s syndrome. Dennis Klocek will present the neurology of these pathways and the various modalities used to work with these symptoms in a Friday evening lecture. Then on Saturday the theory of miasm, the role of the arts, and the practice of meditation with symbols will be the focus of group exercises designed to enhance understanding of these important contemporary educational issues.

See the flyer here! (PDF)

The event will be held at the National College of Natural Medicine:
49 Southwest Porter Street
Portland, OR 97201-4848

Friday, 7:30 PM,   Saturday 9AM — 4:30PM


Cost will be $75 for the entire workshop, $20 for Friday Evening.

By mail: To register by mail, download, fill out, and print this registration form, and mail it, with your check (made out to The Portland Branch), to: Valerie Hope, 2606 SE 58th Ave. Portland, OR  97206, Attn:  Addictions Workshop.

Online: You can register online by selecting the appropriate option below and completing the checkout process.

Telephone: For more information, to register by telephone, or to inquire about senior and student rates contact Valerie Hope, 503-775-0778.

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