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CORRECTION  to the November Newsletter
In the November Newsletter there was a misprint on page 1 in the article “Works of Art, Acts of Grace.” The incorrect sentence read: Within a sea of perception which we make here (on the earth) in our souls, the memories of the dead are preserved. Please see the correct sentence in context of the paragraph below.
(After death) the soul not only beholds the beings of the higher hierarchies and the other human souls living with it in the spiritual world, but also beholds the world of souls to which it was related before going through the gate of death.  A soul in the spiritual world can see our world unaided, without the kind of active effort needed to perceive other beings in the spiritual world.  The earth world becomes for the discarnate soul the other world, in which there appear the human souls with whom relations were established during life on earth.  Within a sea of perception which we make here (on the earth) in our souls, the memories of the dead are preserved .  They live within it.  That is something which, through man’s free will and love here, is added to what the dead can always see from the other side.  It is something added.
Here on the website, you can read the whole corrected article again.


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