Creating Strength and Vision

Deepening Our Inner Resources In Service of  the Child

With Betty Staley

Friday, March 1, 7:30 pm & Saturday, March 2, 9am-4:30 pm
Cedarwood Waldorf School, 3030 SW 2nd Ave.

A weekend workshop exploring the opportunities, challenges, and dangers of developmental stage between 6th and 8th grade.

Friday, March 1,
Walking through a Minefield: Understanding the Needs of 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders.
The developmental stage between 6th and 8th grade is a minefield of opportunities, challenges, and dangers. Understanding the needs of this age group is essential in preparing a healthy sense of self that will carry youngsters into adolescence. Using insights from Rudolf Steiner and neuroscience, we will explore ways in which teachers and parents can guide them for healthy emotional and academic growth.

Saturday,March 2,
Every stage of childhood and adolescence requires teachers, parents, and care-givers to develop inner resources to meet specific needs and challenges.
9am-12pm: The Three Castles. Using the vibrant images from the medieval story of Parzival, we will explore the resources we must develop to meet children of various ages, as well as our colleagues. How do we work effectively with other adults to create a modern Round Table with knightly virtues and social support? How do we align ourselves with our higher intentions to bring the best of ourselves in our daily meeting with those in our care? How do we recognize and heal our personal wounds that keep us trapped and unable to bring our best selves forward? The three castles described in Parzival, the Castle of King Arthur, the Castle of the Grail, and the Castle of Wonders address different aspects of our soul condition. By recognizing the challenge in each castle, we can address the issues, work with exercises, and create inner strength and vision.

1:30-4:30 pm. Continue with artistic activity, discussion and deepening of our theme

Betty StaleyBetty Staley

Betty Staley has been a Waldorf teacher for over fifty years in kindergarten, grades, and high school.
As one of the founders of Rudolf Steiner College, she directed the High School Teacher Education Program, taught foundation courses in Anthroposophy, and helped to found a number of Waldorf high schools. She consults with Waldorf schools (public and private) and is an international lecturer on Waldorf education, adolescence, parenting, and adult biographical development. She is the author of eight books including: Between Form and Freedom and Adolescence, the Sacred Passage. Her newest book on middle school students will be published in 2019 by Waldorf Publications as part of celebrating Waldorf 100.

Friday $10  |  Saturday $25  |  $30 both
Contact Rebecca Soloway, [email protected]

Sponsored by the School of Spiritual Science and the Portland Branch of the Anthroposophical Society.

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