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Madonna of the Goldfinich — by Rafael

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  • Summer – A Good Time for Understanding and Connecting with Conscience:
    Uriel is the archangel over-lighting summer, whose gesture ‘…has the effect of imparting to mankind what I might call the historic conscience…which at the present time has become uncommonly feeble.” —RS
    So we can imagine that summer, beginning with St. Johns Tide, can a great time to get help with that. John himself had the task to awaken conscience in others, which for the first time was in opposition to earthly law.
  • An Invitation from the Portland Speech Formation & Mystery Drama Group:
    In this very interesting piece we are invited to save the date, Friday November 15, 7:30 pm when the group will perform Scenes 7 & 8 from Rudolf Steiner’s third Mystery Drama, The Guardian of the Threshold.
  • A Call to Artists from the Art Hall:
    A request for submissions on the theme Courage. For more information contact Robin Lieberman, [email protected]
  • Housing needed for August Eurythmy Conference
    contact Christine Badura, [email protected] with your circumstances and rates.
  • Calendar of the Soul
    The translation we are using this year is by Liselotte and William Mann
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • Portland Branch Calendar and ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page
    Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work! Please support them in return.
  • Social Understanding, Gender, & Sexuality in Light of Waldorf Education
    Lisa Romero, October 11-13
The DVD set of Jaap van der Wal’s Portland workshop,
The Embryo in Us, is now available!  See flier or website for details.



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