August 2017 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Excerpts from Three Rudolf Steiner Lectures about Solar Eclipses
    “When we know that on the one hand the rays of the sun penetrate down to the earth and on the other hand the forces or rays of will stream out to meet the sun, it is possible to form some idea of how a solar eclipse can affect these radiations of will which are altogether spiritual in their nature…there ensues a period of time, short though it may be, in which all that is of the nature of will upon the earth flows out into universal space in an abnormal way.” Rudolf Steiner (NASA tells us that the last time an eclipse touched only the mainland of the U.S. was on July 29, 436.)
  • The Eclipse in the Context of the Cycle of the Year:
    As we prepare ourselves inwardly it can be helpful to place ourselves spiritually in the cycle of the year, (Steiner’s lectures on the Four Seasons and the Archangels are invaluable for this) and perhaps wonder how the processes at work during this season might be affected by the eclipse, and vice versa.  In this piece Dr. Steiner describes the activity of Uriel and Michael, and the “…strength and courage-building effects” that meteor showers of July and August have as they send iron into our blood.
  • Foundation Stone Meditation: 
    Working with this meditation, which can be seen as a ‘speaking to the stars’, can be a good preparation for anyone striving to experience the eclipse as a spiritual event.
  • Information on Meteor Showers
  • Verse:  The Stars once spoke to man…
  • Calendar of the Soul
  • Save the Dates: see sidebar at right.
  • Newsletter Contacts and List of Members/Donors
  • Eclipse Housing needed:Housing with community members is still available. As hotels are already booked by people coming from all over the world, some  community members have opened their houses at a reasonable rate to out of towners who will  attend the August 19-21 workshop, and will make a little extra money in the process.  Contact Christine Badura, [email protected].  Thanks to those of you who have generously offered spaces.
  • Housing Needed for Summer Eurythmy Conference:  Portland Eurythmy is putting out a call for free or nearly free housing and/or transportation for participants in the course August 4-13.  Contact Meta Bruner, 503-200-0888 or [email protected]
  • Portland Branch Calendar and listing of ongoing activities and study groups
  • Sponsors Page:  Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.
  • Fliers:
    • Total Solar Eclipse Experience with Oliver Conradt, and Mary Stewart Adams, August 19-21 – program
    • Eurythmy Conference Public Events:  Piano Recital August 8, Eurythmy performance August 13
    • Jaap Van der Wal, The Embryo in Us, 8/30-9/2
    • Thomas Meyer, October 27 & 28
    • Anthroposophy Today – a conversation with Joan Sleigh and John Bloom

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