August 2013 Newsletter

August 2013 Newsletter (PDF)

Portland Branch Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Library News: exciting new donations!
  • The Glyph of Leo the Lion, by Donna Kellum – This is the seventh in a series of twelve articles, highlighting the month of August.
  • The Mission of Rudolf Steiner, excerpted from a 2004 essay, and accompanied by a verse written shortly before Dr. Steiner’s death, which is the only known indication he gave of how he saw his mission: “…what he wanted to accomplish against the odds of the forces that want to degrade the human being to the level of being merely a thing, a thing that can be fashioned to specifications, that is bound by external rules, and can be discarded after being used.”
  • Telephone Course Study Available with Ann Watson
  • The Farmer’s Market, by Dr. Bob Kellum. Once again Dr. Kellum demonstrates, artistically in poetry, the warmth with which we can encounter our fellow human beings and our world.
  • Portland Branch Calendar: Note, first Class will not meet in August.
  • Shepherd’s Play Update – You can get involved! (p. 8)
  • Sponsors Page
  • Thomas Meyer Flyer
  • Beginning Anthroposophy with Tom Klein – Flyer
Rudolf Steiner

See excerpt and verse on p. 5, taken from an essay by Ernst Katz on The Mission of Rudolf Steiner.
It can be helpful to strive to understand why we Anthroposophists do what we do – even in the doldrums of summer!

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