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portrait painting of Kaspar Hauser, by Bohmer, 1830

Portrait of Kaspar Hauser by Bohmer, 1830

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  • The Annual Gathering has been re-scheduled for April 28:  What are We to Each Other?  Our Karma with One Another and with The New Group Souls  We will consider this topic at our annual gathering and potluck, along with good food, great company, and a musical performance by soprano Angelica Hesse and pianist Liz Kohl.
  • Why the Relationship of the Sun and Moon are So Important for Easter! Members of our national Anthroposophical community, especially those with knowledge of the sun and the moon and the stars, have continued to think about which full moon this year is the Easter full moon.  This is a matter of considerable importance, and the research has been taken up in a serious way.
  • Kaspar Hauser – Protector of Human Spirituality in the Face of Evil  In preparation for lectures by Eckart Böhmer on April 5-6, we offer an introduction and some resources.   According to Rudolf Steiner, If Kaspar Hauser had not lived and died as he did, then the contact between the earth and the heavenly world would have been completely severed. In case you decide to search online for more information, be aware that there is quite a bit of  misinformation out there. In an exciting development, the Saturday lecture will be held at Cedarwood School, preceded by Portland Eurythmy’s program Fire, so that it will be possible to attend both.
  • Housing needed for July Eurythmy Conference contact Christine Badura, [email protected] with your circumstances and rates.
  • Calendar of the Soul We begin the new Soul Calendar year with a new (to us) translation by Liselotte and William Mann  
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  • Portland Branch Calendar and Ongoing Activities and Study Groups
  • Sponsors Page – Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our work!  Please support them in return.
  • Portland Branch Annual Gathering and Potluck – Rescheduled for Sunday, April 28,  12-3:30 pm Bothmer Hall  Food, music, an exploration of the New Folk Souls, and each other!
  • Kaspar Hauser and the Struggle for the True Identity of Mankind, with Eckart Böhmer, April 5 & 6
  • Easter Observance April 14, 1:00 pm, Bothmer Hall
The DVD set of Jaap van der Wal’s Portland workshop,
The Embryo in Us, is now available!  See flier or website for details.



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