April 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter (PDF)

Noli me Tangere

Noli me Tangere by David Newbatt, Published by Wynstones Press

In this issue:

  • Easter Observance – Spirit Triumphant!
    Observations on our working together on Palm Sunday:  “And under this influence there appeared a picture of Christ Jesus which at the beginning simply was not there…”  -Rudolf Steiner
  • Save the Dates: Up next, Dr. Incao’s lecture April 16,Rudolf Steiner’s Healing Impulse.
  • In Memory of Twila Kyer Rothrock, A poem
  • The Importance of Reading to Our Dead
  • Light, Color & Darkness with Pamela Whitman: Some concepts.  Her exhibit will run through the end of April at the Art Hall at Cedarwood School.  An experience of beauty – and available for sale.
  • Calendar of the Soul:  This year we will publish a wonderful translation by Stefan Schwabe, who describes it as a transposition.  “I tried to recast these calendar verses in cadence and tenor, into our current English, to bring to our appreciation their strength and spirituality in terms of today’s thinking, feeling and will.”
  • Rudolf Steiner National Library:  The library folks have asked us to let you know they have re-opened, and to highlight what they offer as an amazing resource. http://library.anthroposophy.org
  • Portland Eurythmy Spring Tour, April 18-23
  • Thank you for supporting our work!
  • Fliers:
    • Dr. Philip Incao, 7-9pm Saturday, April 16, Bothmer Hall,  Rudolf Steiner’s Healing Impulse
    • Pam Whitman Exhibition at Cedarwood Through April
    • Seeding Community Life – Preparing the Soil for the Portland Area Camphill-Inspired Initiative, April 9
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