April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Portland Branch Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Calendar of the Soul Verses for April
  • A Dynamic Easter Lecture by Rudolf Steiner:  “…We have to seek the One Who is here, by turning at Eastertime to the Spirit of Whom the only true picture is that of the Resurrection. Then we shall be able, in the right way, to pass from the Good Friday mood of suffering to the spiritual mood of Easter Day. In this Easter mood we shall also be able to find the strength with which our will must be imbued if the forces of decline are to be countered by those which lead humanity upwards. We need the forces that can bring about this ascent. And the moment we truly understand the Easter thought of Resurrection, this Easter thought – bringing warmth and illumination – will kindle within us the forces needed for the future evolution of mankind.”
  • The Resurrection, and Christ Bringing Hope Into the Depths paintings by David Newbatt, Wynstones Press
  • Portland Branch Calendar
  • The Prison, poem by Dr. Robert Kellum
  • Sponsors Page:  Note availability of Warre’ Beehives from Bill Wood at www.beeologique.com


  • Wintergreen Farm CSA: Using biodynamic methods, providing weekly boxes of certified organic produce, to Eugene/Springfield, the Coast, Fern Ridge and Portland. 4 drop-off locations and 3 farmers markets in Portland.
  • What is Healing?  A weekend symposium May 2-4, with Dr. Philp Incao.  Keynote presentation:  Immunity, Vaccinations & Infectious Disease.  Sessions on various Anthroposophical healing modalities.
  • Oregon Biodynamic Group Spring Workshop, April 13
  • Flying Turtle Express Eurythmy Performance, A Tangle of Tales, Sunday, April 6
Resurrection - David Newbatt

The Resurrection by David Newbatt: Wynstones Press

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