AGM Conference: Rudolf Steiner’s Vision

AGM Conference 2011

Rudolf Steiner’s Vision:
How can we create a future
worthy of the human being?

National Conference Celebrating
the 150th Anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s Birth


October 14-16, 2011

Portland Waldorf School

This 2011 annual conference and members’ meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in America is being presented in collaboration with the Portland Branch and the Western Regional Council.

Register now via the Anthroposophical Society in America’s website.
See the full list of events, with registration form, in the brochure (PDF).

The Portland Branch is happy to be hosting this significant national celebration and reflection on Rudolf Steiner’s vision and influence. Together we will seek to understand how what Rudolf Steiner brought to the world is crucial if we are to create a future worth living; and how we can ensure that this vision will remain living and continue to evolve.

We will explore the contribution that each of us can make toward fulfilling such a vision.  Our explorations will proceed thoughtfully, artistically, and out of our own life experiences.  A goal of our time together is to gain inspiration for bringing something new into our lives, and into the future.  Our task is to evolve, to become more fully human.  Anthroposophy supports this evolutionary path.

We will begin on Friday evening with registration and a light supper/reception for all attendees.  This will be followed by An Evening with Rudolf Steiner: readings, music and eurythmy intended to bring him into the room and into our hearts.  The evening will end with a eurythmy performance of a fairy tale, “The Rock Spring Wonder”, which is thought to reflect an aspect of Rudolf Steiner’s biography.  This same scene will be offered by Portland’s Mystery Drama Group on Saturday evening, enlarging our exposure to this piece.

The conference will also offer a strong experience of the Foundation Stone Meditation.  Saturday morning will begin with a presentation of The Foundation Stone Meditation in Eurythmy presented by Lemniscate Arts.  This performance will be repeated at the end of the afternoon and on Sunday morning. We will deepen this experience with Foundation Stone speech work with Kim Snyder-Vine.

Virginia Sease will be coming all the way from the Goetheanum to present Rudolf Steiner’s Vision for the Human Being:  Love Manifested through Spiritual Activity.  This will be followed by conversation groups, allowing us to begin digesting and expanding on what we have heard.  We will end the morning by building on our experience of the Foundation Stone Meditation through speech with Kim Snyder-Vine.

After lunch Diane Rowley will lead us into our workshops with group singing.  There are ten tantalizing workshop choices:

  • The Human Terrain: Exploring the Influence of the Four Ethers in Health and Illness with Dr. Paul Kalnins
  • Working with Christian Rosenkreutz and Master Jesus with Marijo Rogers and Linda Connell
  • The Future of Waldorf Education with Torin Finser
  • Eurythmy Forms with Anna Marie Baeschlin
  • Holding the Vision for the Cultural/Spiritual Sphere with members of the Section for the Social Sciences
  • Biodynamics and the Promise of the Food Movement with Robert Karp
  • At the Intersection of Money and Spirit with John Bloom
  • A Bridge Across the Threshold: Creating a Living Connection (with those who have died) with Marianne Dietzel
  • What Are The New Mysteries? with Matt “Matre” Saway and Kathleen Morse
  • Working with Questions with Lesley Loy, Luc Schloss and Members of the Youth Section

Rudolf Steiner’s “Birthday Bash” on Saturday evening will have a little something for everyone – from drama to waltzing to conscious hip-hop (brought to us courtesy of the youth section).  The Portland Mystery Drama Group will offer a scene which mirrors Friday evening’s eurythmy performance.   Sunday morning may find us tired but happy, at the Annual General Meeting, where we will complete our experience with The Foundation Stone.

Not to be missed:  Elizabeth Kennamer is curating our art exhibit with entries both local and from a distance.  Contact her at [email protected] with offerings of help or Anthroposophically-inspired art.

For more information, to volunteer help, and for work study opportunities, contact Valerie Hope, 503-775-0778.  [email protected]

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